The material: nobility and strenght

The Chiarugi pepper mill is not simply a kitchen utensil, but an object you will be proud to possess, unique in terms of both quality and materials.

Wood is the traditional protagonist of the company's collections. European Beech, Cherry, African Walnut, Oak, Rosewood and the rarer Olive are used, with a waxed or shiny surface finish to enhance the object and protect it against wear.

Other materials include acrylic, crystal and silver-plate, interrelated by a sophisticated design concept.


The mill: techniques and secrets

Composed of a number of elements, the system for pepper grinding is produced through a series of delicate and complex procedures.

More specifically the mill itself, as a result of hardening and casehardening procedures and the exclusive internal form, guarantees the desired type of grind and the correct amount of pepper. Effectively it operates on a simple "self-centring" mechanism, which avoids blockage of breakage, and enables the grind to be adjusted from coarse to fine.

Herbs, chilli pepper, pepper and salt all have specific characteristics which require a different type of mill: the first two need a large steel mill, pepper a smaller version of the same, while salt calls for a nylon or ceramic mill.


Harmony: Form and function

When Chiarugi creates a new object he always bears two criteria in mind: the design and the functionality in everyday use.

All the collections are coherently characterised by the materials used and by the lines which define the shape.

Created to enhance the table, the Classic ranges are designed to harmonise with silver, porcelain and crystal. The Elite and Unique ranges to complement the practicality and colours of more modern trends.

All the materials used are subjected to a finishing process for surface protection: the silver-plate is treated with a transparent varnish, the wood with shiny varnish or wax. This makes the object easy to keep clean simply by using a soft cloth: never use detergents or abrasive creams or wash the article in the dishwasher.

Following the same philosophy, the Chiarugi grinding mechanism is extremely simple to use, by turning the knob or handle naturally with your right hand. Should you wish to clean out the mill before filling it up again, you should use a dry brush to remove the residue from the inside.

Finally, for optimum performance, the mill should be kept in a dry place.

If you follow these simple instructions, Chiarugi guarantess that the article will remain beautiful and in perfect working order for many, many years.