Company Profile

Chiarugi, from Florence, Italy, has been making Pepper Mills, Salt Mills, Herbs Grinders, since 1952.

While drawing our inspiration from Tuscan and Florentine Renaissance culture, we also continually pay attention to modern style and construction requirements, and make our products using only the best beech wood and other high-quality materials.

With our complete range of mills, as well as other products, we well-positioned to cover all of a customer's needs.

The pepper mill, a symbol of culture.

Living and working in Florence means, above all, breathing in its history, letting oneself be guided by an artistic memory which has been handed down through the centuries. It was here, back in 1952 that Mario Chiarugi set up his business enterprise, seeking to express in the shapes and materials of his products the artistic heritage of the workshops of the Florentine master craftsmen.

Mario's challenge was to present the pepper mill - up until then considered an article of everyday use - as an object of value and prestige in itself.

His efforts contributed to spread throughout the world the idea of the product "Made in Italy", Tuscany, Florence, which with the passage of time was to become the most sought-after aspect of the Italian heritage abroad.

The success of the Chiarugi pepper mill, which is still made entirely on the premises of the Florentine company, is based on an original mechanism which actually cuts the peppercorns rather than crushing them. Genius and passion are qualities upon which the Chiarugi trademark has always relied; exploiting noble materials and expert design it has succeeded in expressing the passage of time through an object which remains timeless.